Kingsmen Ale House

DateDecember 2014
Location Lethbridge, AB
Client Pops Group
Category Hospitality

Following the purchase of an existing bar located on Mayor Magrath drive in Lethbridge, the client wanted to transform the establishment into a unique British Pub.

Our Solutions

The initial concept for the renovation design was inspired by an old exclusive British gentlemen’s club. Traditionally members, business men and pillars of the community whom would need to be invited to join by other members, would gather to converse and discuss matters of the day, network and perform business transactions amongst themselves. It was important to the client that guests the Kingsmen Ale house should feel relaxed and at ease with the warmth of an inviting, cozy and very traditional setting. With an extensive use of wooden millwork detailing, larger scale furniture and warm lighting we were able to create a design that for filled the clients brief. Rather than the often used “tavern” feel, we strived to create a space that might have been considered at the time an establishment for the higher classes. The Kingsmen Ale house is a diverse space that appeals and caters to all ages and walks of life with craft beer, great food and a welcoming atmosphere.