Masterpiece Meadows

Date November 2017
LocationMedicine Hat, AB
Client Masterpiece Retirement

Original Brief

Southland Meadows is a 2000 sf (phase one) new build retirement located in Medicine Hat. The facility offers four levels of care ranging from dementia to independent living which offer guests luxury self contain apartments with all of the amenities one could ask for. The facility is the latest in the Masterpiece chain and was always intended to be as inspirational and forward thinking as its sister facilities. Southland Meadows planed construction was to take full advantage of the latest building materials and technologies. The client / contractor dreamed of creating a space that was vibrant, alive, modern, and utterly unique, setting a new standard in the retirement home living with spaces that enrich the residents on all levels.


As the facility caters to four very different level of care the requirement relating to code, ADA and fire regulation, durability and longevity were quite diverse. In addition, the facility was to be built of wholly non-combustible materials which would also include all finishing materials. The finishing specification would also vary greatly with the overall feel and experience ranging from practicality to luxury.

Masterpiece were exceptionally focused on the amenities for residents as an extension of level of hospitality that is there trade mark. In addition to the residential living areas the design was to also include a hair salon, theater, library, media room, gym, coffee bar, and full service five-star dinning room.


Masterpiece has explored a modern, fresh, and invigorating concept guided by biophilic design which evokes a sense of wellbeing on a very evolutionary level. This project is perhaps one of the most rewarding that we have had the pleasure to work on as the end goal of a space that is to enrich often fragile minds was truly rewarding.

The facilities various areas were inspired by nature in all of her awe-inspiring forms of beauty and wonder, giving rise to a sense of calm and oneness.

Care was taken to build an environment that is both stimulating and engaging for the resident and valuable staff. The design has made use of dense, vivid, and stimulating hues that have been drawn from nature adding visual rhythm and variety. The accompaniments of many natural finishes have helped to set the scene for a journey of exploration and discovery through the facility. For example, on entering the facility the viewer will be projected into the mouth of a once active volcano where black accentuates the almost shocking flecks of red, combined to encourage its occupant to explore further. On leaving this area one enters a paradise of crisp fresh blues and greens, much as you would be emerging from a grotto into a field of green beside a fresh water lake. Other areas of the facility were inspired by a rich warm orange sunset, or the teals, blues, white and sand tones of the ocean and beach.

The design has relied heavily on textures and bio-mimicry to emphasise an organic contrast to the man-made elements left exposed. One might almost consider the space to be a marriage of the two elements in all its forms. One of the many beautiful aspects of this built environment is its ability to change the vibration, experience and feeling of the viewer when moving from space to space.

In the higher level of care areas way finding principals have been beautifully combined with biophilic principals. Colour, imagery, and materials help the resident identify placement and direction by the creation of quadrants reflecting the local environments of the South Saskatchewan River, the Elkwater Reserve, the Prairies and the beautiful Downtown Medicine Hat. Each area has its own distinct set of values and emotes a separate sense of feeling. This is of particular importance to residence that may be restricted to the care areas. A sleek, uncomplicated, and linear simplicity has been best served to streamline the various spaces, so as not to over stimulate the eye, and also to create a modern appeal.

Through ingenious architectural design, the facility has been blessed with an abundance of natural light and view to the outdoors, allowing the design to flourish in a heathy and calming manner. We believe that Masterpiece Southland meadows will be the place that many will be excited to call home, creating an environment that promotes a sense of trust and belonging, a feeling of security and exploration coupled with the incredible care and hospitality that is the Masterpiece benchmark.