Mojo’s Craft Pub & Grill

DateSeptember 2017
Location Lethbridge, AB
Client Pops Group
Category Hospitality

Original Brief

After 10 years of successful business the client wanted to give the bar an exciting new look and feel. The client had two main objectives, to incorporate 56 direct draw craft beer taps which required a large walk in cooler, and to create a warm inviting environment for its patrons. The client has a gift for thinking outside of the box and came to us with the concept of a Steampunk bar.


To incorporate a cooler into the existing sf front of house. To complete the construction phase of the project in 30 days within a set budget.


A layering technique was implemented to create the design as a whole with various elemental detailing complimenting one another. Steampunk as a whole tends to contradict many of the core interior design principles with random contrast and disorder, giving rise a sense of exploration and wonder. The base of the design pulled on the rich warm tones of red brick and genuine recycled wood. A rugged feel was created that one might find in a traditional Irish bar. Custom art work and copper piping to the back bar allowed us to set the scene and impact the theme to the viewer. A new cooler to accommodate 56 taps was incorporated by changing the floor plan layout of the bar as a whole.  The cooler became the back drop to the new bar and created a new separation to the floorplan that now boasts a private room with bar access and several semi-detached areas. By nature, steampunk accents are weird and wonderful! Custom pieces and salvaged items were created to accentuate the “off the shelf” items we were able to source. A new lighting plan was created that was based more on intimacy and atmosphere of restaurant lighting that one might usually expect to find in a bar, this also allowed us to use elaborate statement fixtures to the walls and ceiling to continue to make the steampunk statement. We were successful in project management and completed the project on time, on budget and within scope using an amazing team of local trade that strived to go above and beyond during the construction process.