County of Lethbridge

DateDecember 2014
Location Lethbridge, AB
Client County of Lethbridge
Category Office Space

To take a dated meeting room, adjacent storage room and miscellaneous area and create an executive board room and smaller presentation room. The space need to be adaptable with the ability to host larger meetings and training sessions for County of Lethbridge staff.

Our Solutions

The existing floor plan for the spaces was re-design to find the most cost-effective solution for the clients whilst still providing the form and function required for daily activities. By expanding the two larger areas into one and keeping a separate space for the presentation room we moved forward with the design. A modern clean and inviting space was created that reflected the County of Lethbridge logo and signature colours. Adaptable furniture with easy storage ability and adaptability had been sourced allowing the County to change the function of the space as well as the amount of people it needed to accommodate at any given time. The board room was given a more intimate, less commercial feel with the use of artwork that wraps around the space. Each image of the county’s landscape shows its natural beauty in all of the seasons in sequence.