New Construction Commercial and Public Sector

Design – Build Project Delivery System Resource Service for Contractors and Architects.

In-Awe Interiors Inc. have the additional resources that your delivery system needs to provide your clients all the benefits of a speedy, more cost effective, superior quality, single source, reduced risk project outcome.

What You Can Expect from Your Design Team

  • Excellent overall understanding of the needs and requirements of the end client.
  • Research and creative concept development of interiors fixture, finishes, and furnishing specifications.
  • Experienced working within the code, ADA requirements and universal design.
  • Experience dealing with budget, scope, and time restrictions lending to a greater understanding of the expectations of an integrated team.
  • State of the art CAD software to convey a design concept and space perception via renderings, walk through, and virtual reality.
  • Unique approach to the built environment and the benefits that can be encompassed to create a healthy home and work place.

Interior Design Scope and Commitment

  • An initial concept with specific regard for the commercial design principles, as well as the day to day actions and activities of the space.
  • Perspective CAD renderings of areas within the facility for client’s approval.
  • Product and design presentations to the client.
  • Mill work and cabinetry design.
  • Interior detailing schedules on plan regarding finishes and mill work.
  • Interior commercial design materials, ceiling finishes, paint, countertops, cabinetry, specialty interior finishes, floor coverings, wall coverings, tile, mill work finishes, schedules on plan.
  • Plumbing and lighting fixture specification.
  • Interior furnishings and space planning / furniture plan.
  • Fabric and materials specifications.
  • Fabric, furniture, accents, and window coverings schedules.

Commerical & Public-Sector Renovation Services

The quality and commercial design of the working environment is critical to the well being and productivity of staff, and convey a corporate ethos. Creative functional design, high-quality materials & finishes, along with superior craftsmanship and construction elements enhance the environment and community, giving a sense of place and responsibility.

As a business aiming to move forward whilst preserving a focus on return of investment careful consideration is paramount. The built environment functions with a vast verity of specific needs and requirements, never more so than a commercial space.

Productivity and profitability can be impacted by not giving due consideration to the work force, clients and/or residents alike.

A well thought out and delivered design can improve the image, increase motivation and moral as well as address specific, practical, daily, fundamental activities.

The various specific industries within the commercial sector all require very specific areas of attention, which become the core focus of the commercial design concept. It is of immense importance that we understand, who you are, who your clients are, who you want to attract and service, and identify the key areas of your business and/or specific areas of care within your field/industry.


In-Awe Interiors Inc. is a full service interior commercial design firm that pride ourselves on offering our clients a custom service package which caters to each individual client’s unique needs and budget. Below you’ll find a brief outline of a typical full-service renovation project and the usual order of work/life cycle of the project from conception to completion. Dependent on the type/size of the project, and need for assistance from the designer by the client, various elements of the following services/phases shall be called upon to make up the resulting service package specific for the client.

It’s our firm belief that our success is born from the methodology of prior planning and preparation of each phase of the project and the many details within it. Our system is exceptionally front heavy to ensure that each decision is carefully thought through, assessed, confirmed, and placed into the design before the client makes any financial commitment.

Renovation Services Available to Help you Achieve Your Goals

  • Commercial Site Analysis | Floor Plan Consultation | Finishes, Furniture and Accessories | Colours | Resources
  • An initial consultation
  • Information gathering and familiarization, Set preliminary budget and time line
  • Establish Parameters, scope, and project requirements
  • Prepare a design brief document as a means of communication and define client expectations
  • Site measure and survey if required
  • Initial design concept
  • Finishing and product selections, specifications of products are vast and varied, and very project dependent
  • All necessary products and finishes shall be researched and selected to comply with and complete the full scope of the project
  • Prepare mood boards and sample boards if required
  • Prepare new scale floor plans along with technical and construction detailing
  • Prepare 3D CAD generated perspective renderings
  • All CAD files are made available to other professionals, trades, and fabricators
  • Design detailed scaled elevations drawings for construction, cabinetry, soft furnishings, and specialty design features and custom furniture purposes
  • Full specification sheets
  • Once the design is composed, clients may move to the next stage of full project management and initiate the feasibility study.
  • Full working drawings and trade briefs for every member of the In-Awe construction team in line with the proposed design.
  • In depth site visits with related trades to review project and ensure that all items are coved in in the resulting estimates
  • Present full estimates for the design including labor and products to complete the design.
  • Negotiate product pricing on behalf of the client, order products in a timely manner and arrange for delivery to
  • Define complete scope of work / project
  • Application for permits
  • Full working drawings and trade briefs for every member of the In-Awe construction team
  • Scheduling
  • Regular communication and update to the client
  • Constant monitoring, controlling and assessment of site
  • Constant quality assessment
  • Resolve all issues as necessary
  • Point of contact for the client and trades

We would be delighted to send you more in-depth information upon request.